Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat: Congress vice-president asks why women are not allowed in RSS

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday In Vadodara attacked the Rashtriya Swayamseva Sangh (RSS)-BJP for discriminating against women in their organisations, said media reports.

Gandhi who is on a three-day Gujarat visit, while addressing a gathering of students said that the RSS ‘looked down upon women’, and that is the reason it never recruited women in its organisation, said The Indian Express report.

“You know who the parent organisation of the BJP is. It is the RSS. It is their thinking that till women remain silent, they are good. The moment a woman opens her mouth, they want to shut her up. Have you seen a single woman in an RSS shaka, wearing in shorts? I have never seen any. Why aren’t women allowed in RSS? They (BJP) have so many women in the party, but I have not seen a single woman in RSS. What mistake have they made?,” Gandhi was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

Gandhi said that if Congress is voted to power in Gujarat the party will focus on women’s empowerment, said India Today report.

“Our focus will also be on education, health care system. Has Modi ever interacted with you to know what you need?,” India Today quoted Gandhi as saying.

BJP hits back

Responding to Gandhi’s criticism, BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma said:

Former Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel demanded Congress’ apology over Gandhi’s statement and said that Congress VP has insulted women with his comments

Elections for Gujarat Assembly are expected to be held in November this year. After three successive defeats in the state in 2003, 2007 and 2012, the Congress is aiming to reverse course.