The ordeal of the Chief Minister


Prateek Sharma


The capital city of New Delhi has been in more controversy recently than ever before. The incumbent Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has found himself to be in the midst of ceaseless controversies. Chief Minister and his government are targeted for every policy or step that they take. Many a times, the government has hinted towards there being a foul play against them especially in the media. However, the media houses have always remained firm in their positions; of being completely free from indulging in any kind of preferential treatment of any political party.

In all honesty, at times it seems that the Kejriwal’s government itself have placed a chip on their shoulders. There seems to be a pattern in their governance, which quite frankly is obnoxious. Government of any state should never portray oneself to be a victim.  Not only does it make the government look weak, it also makes the voter of that particular political demography look weak as well. Yet, the Delhi government in their every conference has always seemed to have played the victim card and has established a scapegoat- the Central government.

Failure of policies and ideas are inevitable in any and every political dimension. Irrespective of how good a particular policy or plan might be at the time, it never really matters because the policy or the plan are bound to expire in the future. It is not even necessary for a particular policy to work initially for it to fail in the future. Meaning, the job of the government in power has been always to experiment with new ideas and plans, it is not necessary that every plan that they might come up with would be a golden egg of some sort. With every experiment there has always been a scope of failure, from which the experimenter must learn from and should not  shy away from taking responsibility for the failure. However, this has not been true for the Delhi government, with every scheme that has failed Delhi government has tried to dispatch the blame on to the Central government, which can be classified as an act of immaturity. Indulging in such an activity depicts the Delhi government as being ‘spineless’.

If the any government cannot own up to its mistakes, then it seems wrong for it to celebrate its transient triumphs. The Chief Ministers and his cabinet are unquestionably accomplished and proficient to manage the daily affairs of the NCT. Nonetheless, they must start by building up confidence in their own house. Cause right now their particular behavior, showcases them as being uncouth and without requisite fortitude.